Apr 11

One Run For Boston Stage 298

On July 1st 2013, One Run For Boston made running history by becoming the first ever non-stop relay to run across America from Los Angeles to Boston. Over 2000 runners helped complete the 3300

Apr 1

Philadelphia LOVE RUN Half Marathon: 3/30/2014: Making it rain!

Yes I know, I’m out of order race recapping #partyfoul But this being the first annual Philadelphia LOVE RUN Half Marathon I wanted to recap it while fresh on the brain. Plus Rock n Roll

Mar 26

My 5 Day Food Journal

Since I have decided to take my running to the next level along with trying to BQ before the year 2016, I am convinced now more than ever my eating habits are what is

Mar 25

March Madness Kickoff: Best Damn Race – Orlando

March Madness Half Marathon number one of four: Best Damn Race Orlando March 1, 2014 This was my first race since my marathon back on February 2nd. Not a lot of training given the weather and

Mar 24

The day I ran wearing Oiselle

It was only a matter of time before this happened. Most, if not all of my female running friends seem to be coo coo for their Oiselle puffs and the recent signing of Kara

Mar 11

RUN STRONG with Robin Arzon

I have been dying to meet Robin Arzon. Just like the man, myth and legend Ben Turshen , Robin too is a corporate lawyer turned fitness journalist and ultra-marathoner. In the summer of 2013, she

Mar 5

Share Your Race Histories / Never stop dreaming. Just keep running

With this post don’t focus on the actual numbers. Focus on what the numbers represent. To me, race times represent determination, hard work and dreams becoming reality. Enjoy the journey. Otherwise what’s the point.

Feb 24

FlexTRX and I can not wait for March Madness!

Hi. My name is GB and I am a FORSoholic. On another note, I never comment on women topics in general for obvious reasons. It’s not my place. But I do read EVERYTHING. I found

Feb 16

Surf City Marathon Race Recap: My first Marathon / More questions than answers

First off I wanted to thank everyone who supported me throughout my training. Yes, I ran the race but the motivation and inspiration provided by so many of you made the process that much

Feb 12

The 0.5%

This post can apply to anyone who has attempted and accomplished something they once thought was impossible. I’m using my marathon as an example given the timing. I’m still working on my race recap. It’s