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Jun 30

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon: Second Marathon Syndrome

I’m sorry it took months to put this doozy of a recap together but what a marathon! I started out running too slow. My adrenaline and nerves at the start of a race slowed me down. I just could not seem to speed up. Yea right! Obviously I’m just kidding. What to do the next time you start out a race too fast CLICK HERE

As for the Cellcome Green Bay Marathon recap:

Where do I even begin with this race. When I ran my first marathon back in February, it was just the most exciting three months ever of training. My first marathon. Time didn’t matter. All that mattered was finishing. Yes I had my goal but it was my first. And I trained hard for it. This time around things were different. For your second you try and remember things from your first as to not repeat any mistakes. And I honestly believe your second marathon is your real base case race. Jess and I talked about this. It’s what you build off of. You find out what you are really capable of, what your next real goal can be.

I had run a million half marathons between March and May and honestly, I thought this race was going to be a disaster and I would rock my third coming up in October. But I was running 26.2 miles and you know me. I wasn’t going to allow the thought of this race being a disaster win out. So I set two goals. One was what I would pace if running 26.2 of my best miles and the other being just break 3:40. Winner winner chicken dinner on the sub 3:40 as I ran a 3:39:13! As for the actual marathon:

The hotels are within walking distance to the start/finish line and expo. The expo is held inside Lambeau Field.

Hilton Garden Inn

Tundra Lodge


The race had a 7:00am start time for marathoners. 8am start time for half marathoners. The start and finish was at Lambeau Field. I am trying to just run races these days with a start and finish at the same place, ex some of the bigger city races of course. It just makes life so much easier when traveling i.e.: Hotels (less than a mile from the start), Transportation (walking to the start) etc. There were about 7,000 runners in total. Another goal of mine, less than 10,000 runners. 

The starter village, “Runners’ Village” was right outside the stadium. Plenty of porta potties, lots of space to get in a stretch run. A very calm easy setting. I was able to meet up with my marathon twin and new best friend Casie prior to the start. She was running her first marathon. How exciting!


Casie and GB. Best friends forever

As for the course. Very flat, very fast. I was told it rained last year and the year prior it was very hot. You could not have asked for better running weather this year. 50 degrees. Perfection. I did not feel hot at any point during the race.

Favorite Fun moment? Mile 9, as I was running, there was this guy yelling at me. Here he comes, he’ll take a beer. Come on man, He’s coming for the beer! It made me laugh. I would never think about drinking a beer during a half let alone a full but for some reason, given this was my college state, I figured why not! I ran towards him, the crowd cheered and I popped open a nice cold can of beer. I took three sips and handed it to some lady three houses down. She laughed.

This was by far one of the best courses I have run yet. There were Gatorade/water stations every 1.2 miles or so, Gu stations throughout the course. People cheering you on throughout all 26.2 miles. GB1

Now I had one monstrosity of an issue with this marathon. I hope this gets addressed for future races. The best part about this marathon by far is the lap around Lambeau Field towards the end of the race. The issue is combining the half marathoners with the marathoners into what felt like a two person at best lane in and out of the stadium. With the marathon starting at 7am, The 3:00ish runners were approaching the 25.5 mile entry with the 2:30ish half marathon runners. If a marathoner is trying for a 3:35 BQ, congestion getting into and out of the stadium had nightmare written all over it. I had to basically run in place entering the stadium while trying to maneuver around half marathoners. This is the last thing I wanted to think about so close to the end of a marathon. I had a time goal and now that goal was at risk. With all the construction around the stadium maybe this was a one-time occurrence. I wouldn’t know since this was my first time running Cellcom Green Bay. Many of the other races I have participated in have separated the runners into two lanes. Simple solution. This is my only compliant with this race. Everything else was absolutely perfect. 

Running one lap around Lambeau Field!

Running one lap around Lambeau Field!

All in I would highly recommend this marathon to anyone and everyone. I had so much fun. I powered through all the mental issues associated with training for a second marathon along with the lovely winter we had this year on the east coast. I feel I am now really ready to train for and run many more marathons goin forward. And not because I ran my first in February. Because I ran my second in May. Game on!


Cellcome Green Bay Marathon May 15-17, 2015

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